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Rope Playground Rope Playground
Rope Playground Rope Playground
Rope Playground Rope Playground
Rope Playground Rope Playground


Rope Playground

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  • GM-808

  • 5.2x5.2x4.47m

  • 8.9x8.9m

  • 5-12 Years

  • 45-49

  • 187cm(74'')

  • GM-808.pdf


The GM-808 is a giant net climber for children ages 5-12. With the cast-aluminum ball connectors, the nylon wrapped steel ropes can be tensioned well and strongly with the steel frame. The internal nets offer a challenging climbing experience and multiple routes when play throughout the structure. The GM-808 net climber will be a unique option to install at school, park, church or community.

Support Post:

This will be 2 3/8"(60mm) OD phosphate dipped steel tubing, finished with polyester powder coating.

Pipe Junctions:

These will be cast aluminum,  5/8 " (16mm) wall thickness, 8" (200mm) diameter with integrated holes

for pipe connections, finished with polyester powdercoating. Junction caps are affixed with stainless steel bolts.

Climbing Nets:

This will be 16mm diameter, polyamide (nylon) rope cable with UV protection and fire retardant solution.

Each rope consists of 6 strands each containing 24 steel reinforcing strands within a polyamide sleeve,

wrapped around a solid polyamide core for a total of 144 steel reinforcing strands;

each end of the cable having a junction loop attached onto the cable with a finished aluminum sleeve

and lined with a galvanized steel wear bar. Edge ropes will contain a solid core of wound steel

cables in place of the polyamide core for a total of 168 steel reinforcing strands.

Ball Knots:

This will be a one-piece compressed aluminum ball.


Tensioning is achieved by way of a galvanized threaded eyebolt and shackle located at each Pipe Connection

capable of drawing the cables a minimum of 4"(100mm).

Basic Fasteners:

All fasteners for component attachments are stainless steel


These will be 10" (250mm) square steel plates,  1/8 " (3mm) thick, bolted to concrete blocks and attached to

the main structure with 12" (300mm) long, 2  3/8 "(60mm) OD steel tubing, all finished with either polyester

powder coating.

Anchor Bolts:

Mounting plates will be secured to concrete blocks with 7/8" (22mm) diameter x20" (500mm) long "L" Anchor

bolts, inserted into the wet concrete when poured.

Surface Mount:

Optionally, the product may be surface mounted utilizing 6" (150mm) long expansion bolts in place of the

standard anchor bolts.


This should be installed only by a licensed playground installer, trained and certified on the relevant playground  

standards in place in the region of installation, e.g., NPSI, CPSI or similar certified.


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