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Importance Of Maintenance

Children will develop their sociality, imagination and build their physical, mental skills while taking on various adventures and challenges through playground equipment. Particularly, let children accumulate the small mistakes and injuries when playing is necessary. So that they will learn how to protect themselves well and prevent major accidents in the future. For this reason, playground is essential in children’s growth.

In recent years, due to deterioration of playground, accidents have occurred in playgrounds where the place should be safe. It has become a major social problem. If the site manager hasn’t done proper and timely maintenance of a community’s playgrounds, there will be big chance for playground-related injury occurred.

In this occasion, it is very important to comply with maintenance guide and follow the management system of inspections.

In addition, we wouldn’t like to see people lost playground due to fear of accidents or overemphasize on safety then make an unattractive playground to kids.

The healthy growth of child is related to every person in different positions of playground industry. With everyone’s effort, kids will have a play environment where they can play fun and safely.
Importance of Maintenance
Importance of Maintenance

What To Inspect

The purpose of inspection is to detect safety hazards of equipment at an early stage that may cause accidents. And take appropriate measures to prevent accidents occurred.

Equipment Inspections can be carried out from the following material perspectives.

A: Metals
Deterioration of metals occurs when water infiltrates through the broken surface treatment (painting, etc.), causing the related portion of rust and corrode.
Furthermore, at the connection points between metal components, because of long time friction or vibration, the strength of metals will be lowered.
The inspection points of metal are summarized below.
①Confirmation of corrosion and deterioration
・ The root of the supportors (the part directly contact with the soil)
・ Parts where rainwater can easily collect
② Check for wear and deformation
・ Moving parts and swing parts
③ Loose or missing bolts or clamps confirmation
・ Particularly the part where withstand large structural forces
④ Check if there is damage and cracks in welded parts

B: Wood
Deterioration of wood includes decay, cracks and defects.
The inspection points of wood are summarized below.
①Confirmation of decay and deterioration
・ The root part of the supportors (the part directly contact with the soil)
・ Inside the crack
・ Connections between wood parts
・ Connections between wood parts and metal parts
②Confirmation of deformation (cracking, wear, etc.)
・ Wood Posts, stair and bridge, etc.

C: Plastic
Deterioration of plastic materials includes chipping, cracking, deformation and damage. In addition, plastic will be faded, cracked and strength also will be decreased due to ultraviolet rays.
The inspection points of plastics are summarized below.
① Check if there is any cracks, breakage, and holes
・ The part that the user directly touched
・ The part connect with bolts
②Confirmation of elasticity
・Synthetic rubbers that used as cushioning materials

D: Textiles (ropes, nets)
Deterioration of textiles includes fraying, disconnection, unraveling and stretching. It is sensitive to heat and may melt (burn) or break when exposed to fire.
The inspection points of textiles are summarized below.
① Confirmation of deformation (wear, fraying, disconnection, etc.)
・ Bundling part with other members and rope hanging part
・ Braided parts of net and rope
・ Connections between ropes and other component
② Check the exposure of the steel wires

You might understand the importance of checking the playground equipment, but Grounds Inspection is also equally important. The aspects to inspect include the following:
  • Exposed stones, tree branches and other debris
  • Problems with surfacing
  • Tripping hazards like exposed tree roots
  • Drainage function

With properly maintained, your community will be a better place for children and their families to play, learn, and grow. If you ever have any questions about your playground equipment, please feel free to call or email today!
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