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China commercial playground equipment for sale

The playground is a place for children to play, where they can explore their surroundings, make new friends and learn from other children. As one of the most innovative playground manufacturers in China, we provide creative and inclusive playground equipment for your community, park, church, apartment complex, daycare center or school.  

We have a wide range of playgrounds for all ages, from backyard playset for toddlers to themed play sculptures for parks.

In order to design a challenging playground sets for a park or school , a number of parameters must be checked:

1. The construction area for playground equipment. The safety zones required by each structure must be taken into account.

2. The amount of children who will play in the structure.

3. Age range of visiting children.

4. The budget for the new playground. The safety surface - Engineered Wood Fiber, Rubber Tiles or Poured-In-Place Rubber should be also taken into account.

Importance of Outdoor Playground Equipment:

Kids love to play in the parks, they love to run, run wildly and meet other kids.

The park playground is a perfect place to combine fun and exercise for children. It provides opportunities for children to practice a range of social, emotional, physical and mental skills.

Safety in Public Park Playground Equipment:

In order to ensure the safety of the children, a number of important tests must be performed to make sure your local community or school playground is a safe place to play.

1. Visual inspection to see that equipment and surfacing are in good condition.

2. Physical inspection to make sure the installation of the equipment is indeed stable and fixed to the ground.

3. Check for sharp points or edges in equipment.

4. Check for fasteners, make sure there is no missing parts such as chains, railings and ladders.

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For help in designing a safer school playground, contact your Gomeng playground consultant.

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