Rope Netting for Playground
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Rope Netting for Playground Rope Netting for Playground
Rope Netting for Playground Rope Netting for Playground
Rope Netting for Playground Rope Netting for Playground


Rope Netting for Playground

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  • GM-101

  • 5.3x5.3x5m

  • 9x9m

  • 5-12 Years

  • 36-40

  • 120cm(48'')

  • GM-101.pdf


The GM-101 net climber is a great way to get kids exercising and having fun at the same time. It encourages children to climb to the top from different routes. Major muscle groups are strengthened and developed when children climb the structure. The center post is powder coating for corrosion resistance that can withstand most weather conditions and climates. Contact the Gomeng sales team to if you have any special requirement, like color options.

Support Post:

This will be 4.5" (114mm) OD galvanized steel tubing, finished with polyester powder coating.


Pipe Shields:

required, these will completely surround the post to fill in openings in the net, preventing entrapments.

Shields will be made of a textile-reinforced flexible rubber material and secured with bolts.

Climbing Nets:

This will be 16mm diameter, polyamide (nylon) rope cable with UV protection and fire retardant solution.

Each rope consists of 6 strands each containing 24 steel reinforcing strands within a polyamide sleeve,

wrapped around a solid polyamide core for a total of 144 steel reinforcing strands;

each end of the cable having a junction loop attached onto the cable with a finished aluminum sleeve

and lined with a galvanized steel wear bar. Edge ropes will contain a solid core of wound steel

cables in place of the polyamide core for a total of 168 steel reinforcing strands.


Ball Knots:

This will be a one-piece compressed aluminum ball.


Tensioning is achieved by way of a galvanized threaded eyebolt and shackle located at each Pipe Connection

capable of drawing the cables a minimum of 4"(100mm).

Basic Fasteners:

All fasteners for component attachments are stainless steel


These will be steel alloy that will withstand a maximum load of over 87,675 pounds force (390 kN) along the

main axis.

Mounting Plates:

These will be made of galvanized steel. Corner anchors will contain multiple connection points to allow for 

adjustability of the turnbuckles as well as connection of a safety rope. Centre mast anchors will consist of a

stub post that will stabilize the mast and an anchor ring that will secure the assembly to the concrete. This

two-piece assembly allows for fine positioning of the post stub to be accomplished during installation,

making the process simpler and easier.

Anchor Bolts:

Mounting plates will be secured to concrete blocks with 7/8" (22mm) diameter x20" (500mm) long "L" Anchor

bolts, inserted into the wet concrete when poured.


This should be installed only by a licensed playground installer, trained and certified on the relevant playground 

standards in place in the region of installation, e.g., NPSI, CPSI or similar certified.


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