Gomeng Now Delivering Fun To Your Backyard With New Backyard Playground Equipment
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Gomeng Now Delivering Fun To Your Backyard With New Backyard Playground Equipment

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      This month sees the introduction of Gomeng's new line of playground equipment that allows you to create a fun yet safe playing environment for your kids in your backyard. Crafted with premium hardwoods, the backyard playground equipment is said to be highly customizable and easy to assemble, Making it suitable for backyards of all sizes.



      Gomeng's new wooden backyard playground equipment is the perfect embodiment of bringing the fun home without compromising on  the aesthetic appeal of your property. According to the Hong Kong playground equipment company, they wanted to help families create a memorable childhood for their little ones.

       "Our goal goes beyond the fun. It's all about creating memorable experiences children will cherish in the future when they look back at their childhood. They will also work their tiny muscles, which helps them improve mobility and strength as they develop."

      However, the experience does not have to come at the expense of upsetting their home's curbside appeal, as most playground equipment comes in multiple vibrant colours. The neutral yet classy look of the wooden playground equipment blends perfectly with any home. At the same time, the colourful artificial leaves, wall climbing grips, and tree branches give a pop of colour.


      The Hong Kong backyard playground equipment company's collection doesn't just come with the basic swing set and slides. Instead, it features a climbing wall with colourful rock grips and a climbing net secured with railings on both sides for safety, a walk-over bridge, rope tubes, and two playhouses. It also has a regular wooden ladder, three slack ladders, and five climbing ropes, making it possible for your little ones to play simultaneously. The dangling monkey bars also add fun while improving your kids' upper body strength.


      While fun is the first thing that pops into most people's heads when they think about playground equipment, it's natural for parents to be concerned about their children's safety. "With us, safety always comes first. Each piece is made from premium quality material sourced directly from trusted suppliers and reinforced at every joining point to ensure children's safety," says Gomeng.


      The wooden playground equipment set will appear in Gomeng's physical and online stores on the July 20th . So, save the date and be one of the first people to get Gomeng's new wooden backyard playground equipment.

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